Louise Livesay
Livesay Law Office, LLC
1599 Selby Avenue, Suite 104, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55104

Second Address
3300 Edinborough Way, Suite 550, Edina, Minnesota, 55435

My professional life became transformed when I learned about Collaborative Practice. I realized that rather than being part of a system that often further damages family relationships, I could be part of a restorative system. The Collaborative process helps couples and families transition to their new configuration and pays attention to family relationships by creating enduring and lasting agreements that work for both parties and their children. My practice is focused primarily on Collaborative family law, mediation, and cooperative settlement, as well as estate planning and appellate work. I provide the first 30 minutes of consultations at no cost, often with both parties, to discuss their options and inform them about the value of using the Collaborative process. My main office is in St. Paul and I also have an office presence in Edina at the Collaborative Alliance at 3300 Edinborough Way, Suite 550.

Collaborative Practice pays attention to the relationships within families and calls on each party and their attorney to bring their best selves to the process. By doing so, participants can be mindful of each partys needs and desires when deciding how best to end the marriage, divide property, redefine the family, and begin new lives. The collaborative process helps individuals make better decisions about their futures, create longer lasting and mutually acceptable settlements, and minimize the emotional and financial cost of divorce. I know that divorcing couples, and their children, who use the collaborative process walk away stronger and in a better position emotionally, financially and relationally than if they took the adversarial route. I am committed to making the transition from divorce respectful and dignified.

YearTraining TypeInstructorHours
2013 Mediation & Collaborative Chip Rose 9.00
2013 IACP Forum & Leadership Academy Ann Lucas & Nancy Cameron, Other 20.00
2013 Working with High Conflict Clients Bill Eddy, LICSW, JD,CFLS 7.50
2013 Divorce & Recovery Solutions & The Retreat 8.00
2012 Conflict Management and Teams Susan Gamache 9.00
2010 Conflict Resolution Training – Domestic Violence CLI Annual Meeting 4.50
2010 Conflict Resolution Training Rebecca Picard 2.00
2010 Advanced Collaborative Law Training – Neuroscience Fauss & Hembree 6.00
2009 Basic Interdisciplinary Training – The New Collaborative Experience CLI Training 6.00
2009 Conflict Resolution Training Tom Esch 7.00
2009 Intermediate Interdisciplinary Training IACP Forum Mpls 14.00
2008 Intermediate Interdisciplinary Training Linda Solomon 6.00
2008 Conflict Resolution Training Rebecca Picard 6.00
2008 Advanced Collaborative Law Training Pauline Tessler 2.00
2008 Intermediate Interdisciplinary Training MICOD Isolina Ricci, Ph.D 6.00
2008 Advanced Collaborative Law Training Emily Gould & Rebecca Picard 6.00
2008 Advanced Interdisciplinary Training Linda Solomon 16.00
2008 Intermediate Interdisciplinary Training IACP Forum New Orleans 20.00
2007 Intermediate Interdisciplinary Training MICOD William Eddy, LLCSW, JD 9.00
2007 Advanced Collaborative Law Training Sharon Strand Ellison 12.00
2006 Mediation Training Susan D. Mainzer & Katherine Nevins, Ph.D 40.00
2006 Basic Interdisciplinary Training Victoria Smith & Dr. Susan Gamache 12.00
2005 Basic Collaborative Law Training Collaborative Law Institute of MN 6.00
2005 Basic Collaborative Law Training – Chip Rose Video  6.00
2005 Intermediate Collaborative Law Training Janis Pritchard & Brad Hunter 4.25
2014 IACP Forum in Vancouver IACP 9.00
Areas of Practice
  • Family Law
  • Mediation
  • Other
  • Will & Estate Planning
Undergraduate Education: University of Minnesota, B.A. in Psychology
Law School: Hamline University School of Law
Professional Licenses
  • Juris Doctor
Professional Activities
  • Member of the Collaborative Law Institute, Minnesota
  • CLI Training Committee co-chair 2017-present
  • CLI Public Education/Outreach past co-chair
  • CLI Excellence Committee past co-chair
  • Co-President of CLI 2011 and 2018
  • CLI Board of Trustees 2009-2012 and 2017-2019, Secretary 2008
  • Member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals
  • Member of Minnesota State Bar Association and Family Law Section
  • Member of Ramsey County Bar Association
  • Volunteer Attorney with Southern MN Regional Legal Services

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