Jennifer Beckman
14550 Excelsior Boulevard, Suite 206, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55345

While working toward my bachelors degree in family relationships, I was training to become a family therapist. I wanted to help people in crisis heal, however, I soon found that pursuing a law degree would better suit my goal. Now I have been practicing law since 1987, and I am still working toward that goal. When I began practicing, I felt that litigation was the best way to advocate for my clients. However, many years later I have come to realize that settlement is an art in which the clients maintain control of their decisions and learn how to temper that control through compromise. While going through the court system may be necessary for some clients, so many people feel cheated and at a loss after going through that process. It can be a very degrading and difficult process both financially and emotionally.

Collaborative Law allows clients to maintain their self-respect and to stay in control of their circumstances. Clients who work together to figure out their own solutions stay focused and become stronger advocates for the issues involving their family rather than have someone else corner them into a decision. I find that so many of my clients initially begin the legal process fearful and often with a lack of self-confidence. If they have worked to settle their case, by the time their case is finished, they have grown and begun the process of healing. The Collaborative Law process encourages growth and understanding. It is a process that allows a client to move into their future as a whole person rather than broken into pieces. I want to help my clients move forward and I believe that through the Collaborative Law process my clients can learn to do that.

YearTraining TypeInstructorHours
1997 Mediation Training Erickson Mediation 40.00
Areas of Practice
  • Family Law
Undergraduate Education: University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Family Relationships 1981.
Law School: William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota J.D. 1987.
Professional Licenses
  • Licensed Attorney in the State of Minnesota and Federal Court
Professional Activities
  • *Minnesota State Bar Association
  • *Hennepin County Bar Association

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